Does your business has a USP? A unique selling proposition will differentiate your venture from your competitors. The reason behind the USP is that it allows you to first sell your brands individuality, before selling your products and services. This will help consumers in their buying decision making process, as your USP will boost the engagement of your target audience.

How can you find your USP? Your USP is clear, if you have a business idea that nobody had ever had before. However, nowadays businesses are homogeneous, and competitors are offering very similar products and services. To discover your unique selling proposition, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research of your direct competitors to find your business’s advantages. Your USP could be a specific element of your product to that of your competitors, or a detailed service that makes your venture outstanding.  The unique selling proposition is an essential element of your business and marketing strategy and must be clearly identified.

Characteristics of a unique selling proposition:

  • Offers benefits to consumers
  • Is superior to competitors
  • Should be unique
  • Is contrasting to the USPs of your competitors
  • Difficult to copy
  • Profitable for your business and your clients
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to communicate

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Author: Natascha McVeigh, Business & Marketing Consultant SSS